The story so far

Tonbridge Welcomes Refugees is part of the national campaign to help resettle refugees across the UK. 

Tonbridge Welcomes Refugees is asking people in the borough of Tonbridge and Malling to pledge what they can to support the resettlement of refugees.

How many refugees will be coming to Tonbridge?

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council has agreed to resettle a minimum of 10 households from Syria over five years. This is a good start, but we hope they can throw the doors open wider to receive more.

Budget cuts have hit the council hard, and it needs to be assured there is political support for welcoming refugees. By coming together and pledging our help, Tonbridge residents can help the council  - in practical and political ways -  to accommodate the refugees it has already promised to take, and possibly even to increase its quota. We particularly need help from local landlords.

How can I help refugees arriving in Tonbridge?

The number of refugees who make it to our area will be relatively small, but we want to make sure that when they do arrive they feel welcome, and that the local community is ready to support them. To this end, we are working with the council and community groups to try and get Tonbridge & Malling ready to provide homes and safety for some of the men, women and children fleeing the war in Syria. 

Volunteering your support now will help us to help them rebuild their lives.

Would you like to campaign for a more compassionate British policy on refugees?

We are also working to pressure the government to formulate a more compassionate refugee policy on a national level, believing that there is far more that Britain could do to help in the current crisis. You can help by writing to your MP.

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