Ways to get involved - advice from Refugees Welcome UK

This initial excellent list was initially compiled by the editors of Refugees Welcome UK. Please note we have made some additions and updates.

1. Provide housing

2. Organise local collection points

Contact Calaid if you would like to organise donation collection points via info@calaid.co.uk with your full name and contact details. 

3. Donate items

a) The Guardian are collating a list of collection points

b) Locally the excellent RefugEase continue to collect much needed supplies

c) Other initiatives

4. Volunteer your time
  • Hummingbird Project: If you have time to help in the Brighton area, this group regularly visits Calais with nurses, legal aid, food kitchens, contact them direct to help
  • US refugee charity the International Rescue Committee has opportunities to volunteer at all of its 22 offices. Roles include mentoring refugee families and helping refugees find jobs 
  • Volunteer your time via Refugee Action, UK 

5. Provide advice to people trapped in the refugee crisis

6. Donate funds to refugee appeals

7. Sign petitions

8. Email your MP and local representatives

8. Other ideas
Disclaimer: These links are shared by the editors in good faith that all the information contained within them is accurate. Any activities conducted as a consequence of this information are the full responsibility of the individual.