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Extending our support

It has been a busy start to 2017 for Tonbridge Welcomes Refugees (TWR). Alongside our activities in Tonbridge itself, we have been strengthening our links with our sister-group Tunbridge Wells Welcomes Refugees (TWWR), to make sure that we offer the best possible support to all refugee families in our neighbouring boroughs.

Several families housed in Tunbridge Wells are now accessing our teaching programme, and we are excited to be helping TWWR with hosting social gatherings for families in both boroughs. We are also excited that a new group is setting up in Sevenoaks.

Here in Tonbridge, our volunteers have recently welcomed a new family, and are working closely with the council to try and give them the support they need as they adjust to a new life in England. The other family we support in the borough is doing well, and hugely appreciates all the things our volunteers do with them and for them – everything from teaching English to helping prepare their allotment for planting this spring.

Volunteers have also been helping us with a wide range of tasks from developing our website to registering as a charitable incorporated organisation to donating items to families to processing DBS checks. Thank you to everyone who has given up their time and skills: the commitment is inspiring. Thanks also to all those who are not in a position to volunteer, but make time to read or like our posts on social media, and talk about us to their friends: the positive impact we are having on the ground really is such a collective effort.

We are delighted that TWR continues to grow in size. Membership of our closed Facebook group – for those wishing to get actively involved in our day-to-day activities – is around 80 people, and more than 450 people follow our public Facebook page. We would love to get that number to 500, so if you haven’t already, please like and share our page!

If you would like to get more involved, or know anyone who would, please get in touch at